Two day sale on the weekend of July 31st and August 1st on Lake Street in Lexington

31 Hosmer Road in Concord
Saturday, August 15



Friday, July 31st
Saturday, August 1st

8 Lake Street
Lexington, MA

8:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Friday & Saturday

Numbers at 7:30 AM
Entry at 8:00 AM

Cash only.




This 7 room home in desirable Lexington neighborhood will be demolished to make room for new up dated home.
Policeman and Korean War Veteran, Robert Leslie, raised his family here and after retirement, started a blade sharpening business.  Many of those sophisticated tools are available.

The house is in remarkable condition due to recent renovations and upkeep. The windows, doors, appliances, plumbing fixtures and electricity are too good to be bulldozed and sent to a land fill.

The contents will be sold on Friday July 31 and Saturday August 1, including all the house elements which will take place by appointment during the following week.

This will be a wonderful sale for contractors, do-it-yourself workers and anyone ready to embark on a renovation project.  Much of what you will need is here and at great savings.


FURNITURE:   Living room sofas, club chairs, wing chair, pair of end tables, coffee table, several small tables, Ridgeway grandfather clock, ladder back chair, foyer bench, several glass front show cases, breakfast set (table and 4 chairs) Porch and outdoor sets, chest of drawers, beds.

DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES: Lamps, mirrors, prints, paintings, barometer, clocks, oriental and other rugs, huge collection of Byers Carolers including some which have been discontinued, Dept 56 houses, Lenox china (Poppies in blue pattern) Mikasa Intaglio China, Pfaltzgraf Stoneware, jewelry, silverplate, collectibles, bric-a-brac, Christmas, Stemware, Metal sculpture, fireplace equipment.

MISCELLANEOUS:  Extensive collection of power tools,  Craftsman, Ryobi, Makita table, skill saws, sharpeners, drills, routers, sawdust collector, grinding wheels, Toro Recycler Lawnmower, anvils, work benches, belt sanders,  Appliances, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, kitchen items, garden tools and accessories, steamer trunk, cedar chest, Entire kitchen including cabinets with stained glass door insert, sink, granite counter top, wall oven, stove top, dishwasher, shades, blinds, drapery. Monitor Gas Heater, rarely used.

SAWS:  The largest collection of hand saws that I have ever seen.  Over 100 hand saws all mounted on a wall.  Also, ice saw, 2 man saws etc, perfect for a painted blade art project.

OUTDOORS: screen house, vintage plows, cultivators, anchors, stone bench, garden animals, life preservers, buoys, several stone grinding wheels, milk cans, fish netting, awning with remote control, gliders, shed, awning, fountain.

LANDSCAPE:  Beautiful healthy plants surrounding the back yard which originally held a pool.  Japanese Maple, Arborvitae, Yews, and many other varieties in all sizes.

All items must be removed by the buyer.

 There is truly something for everyone here.


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